Spellbinders. December Large Die Of The Month

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I think all of you know that Spellbinders has Club Kits, and every month there is a new Small Die ot the Month, a Large Die of the Month and also a Card Making Kit of the Month. You can subscribe to any club you want, to all clubs at once or choose any other option here.

I had a great chance to play with December Large Die af the Month!

And again Spelbinders created a set of dies that you can use in different ways. For today I created three cards and later I’ll explain how I made them.

I like patterened paper very much but don’t use it too often, but for my today’s project it fits perfectly. Earlier I used to buy a lof of such paper and it pationately waits, when I’ll use it. So, don’t even asked my where I’ve bouht my patterned paper, because I did it a long time ago and don’t remember such details anymore.

So, to create the card I took the larest die from the set and die cut the card out of patterened paper. When I fold it one side of the card was longer, so I scored it with my scoring tool and fold the edge. You can notice that on this photo:

So, when you close you card this folding will keep it close. On the next photo you can see how the card looks from behind.

Such card could be an envelope for a gift card or for money.

I also want to show you two more cards.


Hope you liked my ideas and the way I used December Large die of the month.

See you soon again!


  1. Love the dies and pattern card stock.

  2. Sure makes me smile. 🙂

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